Wood Products

We are specialized in tailor made wood processing, especially for logs (sawn logs and veneer logs) and sawn wood.

Sawn wood products:
  • Flitches and Boules: unedged lumber, used whenever final users need uniformity in colour and grain and significant widths, long lengths, heart removed if requested, rebuilt into the log (boules). Excellent colour consistency for furniture, cabinet makers and coffins industries
  • Sawn edge lumber: standard squared edged lumber in special widths. Grades comparable or better than NHLA FAS.
  • Scantlings for windows solid and laminated: in two, three or four layers according to the thickness of the piece.
  • Beams: scantlings for architectural works (houses, mills, etc...)
  • Sliced wood for lamellas: to be glued together to produce scantlings or panels.
  • Solid panels: Iroko and Oak panels for table tops for kitchen and tables.
  • Decking for exterior (gardens and swimming pools). Produced on customer request.
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